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company news about Application of high precision rotary table and common rotary mechanism

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Company News
Application of high precision rotary table and common rotary mechanism
Latest company news about Application of high precision rotary table and common rotary mechanism

High precision rotary table, which is used in a variety of rotary motion occasions. It is characterized by high precision, high efficiency, high rigidity and high cost performance. It realizes the automation of angle adjustment through electric drive. Then let Xiaobian explain the application of high-precision rotary table and the related problems of several common rotary mechanisms for you!


What are the applications of high-precision rotary table

1. Rotary worktable in automatic transformation of production line;

2. Rotary chuck in laser marking or engraving machine;

3. Rotating shaft in precision alignment mechanism;

4. Light load manipulator joint;

5. High precision gear direct drive;

6. High precision, high torque, high rigidity, easy to use, with high-performance closed-loop stepping motor.


What are some common rotating mechanisms

1. Spiral rotary mechanism: it is composed of screw, nut and frame. Usually, it converts rotary motion into linear motion. However, when the lead angle is greater than the equivalent friction angle, it usually converts the rotational motion into linear motion.

Features: it can obtain a lot of reduction ratio and knife gain; The suitable lead angle of the screw mechanism can be obtained.

2. Cam type rotating mechanism: cam mechanism is a high pair mechanism composed of three basic components: cam, follower and frame.

Cam is a component with curved contour or groove. It is generally an active part, which makes constant speed rotary motion or reciprocating linear motion. Cam mechanism is widely used in light industry, textile, food, transportation, mechanical transmission and other fields.

3. Crank type rotating mechanism: the main moving mechanism of crank train engine.

Its function is to convert the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotating motion of the crankshaft, and at the same time, convert the force acting on the piston into the external output torque of the crankshaft to drive the car wheels to rotate. The crank connecting rod mechanism is composed of piston group, connecting rod group, crankshaft, flywheel group and other parts.

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