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company news about How much do you know about the Optical Platform?

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Company News
How much do you know about the Optical Platform?
Latest company news about How much do you know about the Optical Platform?

Optical platforms, also known as optical breadboards, optical desktops, scientific desktops, and experimental platforms, provide a horizontal and stable tabletop. Generally, the platform requires vibration isolation and other measures to ensure that it is not interfered with by external factors so that scientific experiments can proceed normally. Currently, there are two main categories: active and passive. There are two major categories of passive rubber and air flotation.


The optical platform pursues a level, and the entire table is extremely flat when first processed. After that, the tabletop is placed on the four airbags connected to it to ensure the tabletop is level. The countertop is covered with engineering threaded holes arranged in a square, and optical components can be fixed with these holes and corresponding screws. In this way, when you complete the setup of the optical equipment, the system will basically not change due to external disturbances. Even if the table is pressed, it will automatically return to the level due to the airbag.


The optical platform is functionally divided into fixed and adjustable; passive or active.
Optical platforms are widely used in the fields of optics, electronics, precision machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation, navigation, precision chemicals, and non-destructive testing, as well as precision test instruments and key devices for vibration isolation in other machinery industries.

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