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company news about Motion principle of electric screw elevator

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Company News
Motion principle of electric screw elevator
Latest company news about Motion principle of electric screw elevator

Screw elevator is composed of worm gear, box, bearing, screw and other parts.


Working principle: the worm is driven by motor or manual. The worm drives the worm gear to decelerate and rotate. The worm gear inner cavity is processed with internal thread. Drive the lead screw to move up and down. Because there are worm gears and worms inside. The speed of the lead screw decreases. To amplify the thrust.


Screw elevator features: it rotates by driving the worm. The screw can move up and down, push, pull or lift.


1. Screw electric push rod and screw elevator have dynamic load self-locking function. Increase the safety of equipment operation.


2. The comprehensive positioning accuracy of precision positioning can reach 0.1mm;; The position accuracy of servo electric cylinder can reach 6um.


3. Configure encoder for precise control. The closed-loop precise positioning is realized through the control of frequency converter or controller; If the accuracy requirement is not high. Potentiometers can be equipped for on-line control.


4. The synchronous single reduction motor drives multiple push rods at the same time through mechanical connection. Realize synchronous lifting and absolute synchronization.


5. Drive system: AC motor 380V / 220V. Single AC motor. Three phase AC motor. No air / hydraulic source.


6. Overload protection can be equipped with safety clutch. Prevent overload; Overload pressure sensors can also be equipped. To prevent overload.


7. This kind of goods can weigh up to 250 tons.


8. The maintenance of screw elevator is simple. Low noise. It can work normally under the harsh environment of high / low temperature, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof


The above is the relevant information about the elevator. Pay special attention when using. I hope my friend's spiral elevator can have the longest service life. If you have other questions, please consult Beijing padiwei Instrument Co., Ltd.

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