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company news about Where is the manual displacement table used and what are its characteristics?

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Company News
Where is the manual displacement table used and what are its characteristics?
Latest company news about Where is the manual displacement table used and what are its characteristics?

Application of manual displacement table


There are many kinds of manual displacement tables and complete combination methods. It is widely used in scientific research institutes, automatic measurement and inspection, industrial automation and other fields, and can realize automatic displacement control in vacuum, pollution, asepsis, radiation and other environments. From the moving direction, it can be divided into horizontal displacement direction, namely X axis (Y); Vertical lifting direction, namely Z axis; Vertical rotation direction, namely R axis: horizontal rotation direction, namely G axis. Each axis can be arbitrarily combined to form spatial XZY three-axis motion, spatial XYZR four-axis motion, spatial XYZRTx five-axis motion, and spatial XYZRTxTy six-axis motion, thus helping to meet the user's various spatial requirements and the precision displacement of each degree of freedom.


The use of manual displacement table has the following characteristics


1. Convenient assembly. The assembly of manual displacement table is particularly convenient, and this kind of goods is also a kind of parts of the goods, the assembly of simple and his very composition method is also related to a certain extent, its composition method is very easy, so in the assembly of just remember a few simple method steps can be.


2. Good performance. In some work under the condition of high load, also can be served as completely, now some of the raw materials of all relative density is high, and the status of the wear resistance is also quite good, manual application of the natural displacement is also the new raw material, the working effect of the application of these materials to make it up is not only a class is so simple.


3. Corrosion resistance. Then there is the manual displacement table of acid and alkali resistance is particularly strong, this advantage and its raw material application is a great relationship, and in many aspects can see its super ability to work, these advantages are all in the work it shows the most important advantages, especially practical.


Current, displacement of manual machine is a new technology of a kind of relatively high tech products, all are applied in many industries, although today many industry and some understanding of it is not many, but the function and use of the absolute value of its application is to be reckoned with, and now is to learn about the equipment together.

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